Rosie Mullen

Rosie Mullen

Personal Trainer



Team Fitness Client Base


Life is about learning to adapt and rise above challenges. It’s about setting goals and smashing them. Achieving our goals empowers and motivates us to continue to strive for excellence. Though we may not always succeed on the first try, we only fail if we stop trying. Setting goals that are realistic, attainable and measurable are absolutely necessary when planning how to achieve success. I believe the fundamental elements to true growth are, defining your goals, planning and stepping outside your comfort zone. The most essential key to success is your mindset; focus on positivity and consistent process. You can achieve anything you set your mind to. 

From being a very heavy set child to having several health concerns and injuries throughout her life, Rosie has learned how to conquer it all by focusing on positivity, physical activity and healthy living. She has learned it is essential to rest and recharge at times for one’s overall wellbeing; However, giving up is never an option.



Whether you are new to physical activity, getting back into fitness after a hiatus or need someone to motivate you and keep your workouts interesting; Rosie is your gal. “I want to show you that getting fit and staying healthy is not as intimidating as one might think. Challenging yourself is so rewarding and physical activity can even be fun! Our fitness studio is welcoming and full of positive energy that will make you want to show up and rock each work out”. Rosie’s positive, fun-loving, enthusiastic personality combined with her drive for excellence will ensure your timely success while having fun. You’ll walk away having had laughed and  feeling great about yourself… because, after all,  at the end of the day how you feel about yourself is really what living is all about!

Having experienced the journey of grand weight loss and all that comes with that has given Rosie a lens with which she aligns her mantra: Healthy living is more than just eating right and exercise. Rosie wants to help you create and sustain your specific healthy lifestyle, not just in the gym, but one that supports all that you do in your day.

Rosie is here to inspire you to achieve your goals. She will be your biggest cheerleader and will dive deep into resources to help you create YOUR perfect game plan. 

Experience and Credentials

  • CFES Personal Trainer
  • CFES Group Fitness Instructor
  • Emergency First Aid
  • CPR C / AED

Personal Interests

  • Outdoor Activities
  • Great activities with my dog
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Paddle Boarding
  • Weight Training
  • Dancing
  • Programs for youth and persons with diverse abilities
  • Finding new challenges and learning how to conquer them!