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Chicks In The Sticks …since  2008

Coach Liz is a passionate mountain biker and advocate for women supporting women. She brings her love of mtn biking and skills as a PMBI coach and exercise physiologist to support the Chicks in the Sticks community program. Together with coaches, community ambassadors and our network partners, this program has supported hundreds of Women in the Okanagan.

Welcome…we look forward to sharing our love for mountain biking with you.

PROGRAM REGISTRATION OPEN February 24, 2022 – noon

Join our scheduling app here to register for rides. Please read all posts to have clarity on signing up, riding level and group ride trail etiquette and send your waiver before signing up for any ride.  See you on trail

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Club Chick was formed to support riders with  on trail coaching , educating and supporting women to have the confidence and capacity to explore the trails of the Okanagan,  a community to connect with on and off the trails and be empowered to step up their fitness, confidence and sense of adventure on trail.

1 Day Skills Clinic

Nervous Novice   or  Beginner Be Bold

Grow Biking Fundamentals

  • Learn how to maintain an equilibrium between stability and balance; stable enough for a controlled, balanced ride, while relaxed and mobile enough to adapt to the terrain and/or manipulate your bike.
  • Achieve flow and efficiency through a better awareness of upcoming terrain and the choices available. Let us help you pick that best line.
  • Learn to achieve efficiency by maintaining a consistent cadence, regardless of speed, terrain or physical strength.
  • Learn to control speed (including slowing down, stopping and not speeding up) without skidding
  • Learn to control the direction of the bike either by maintaining direction, changing direction slightly, or changing direction significantly such as cornering.
  • Climbing efficiency up small hills with on trail application of all newly mastered skills
  • Limited Space 5 students/coach
  • Investment – $129.00 + tax
  • 11am – 3pm 

2022 DATES:


April 17th or 24th

May 7th

June  11th  –JOIN TODAY


April  16th or  24th 

June 11th — JOIN TODAY

Progressive Coaching:

Skill Level Guide

Club Chick –  “Sessions”

This is a 4 week, weekly 2 hour program one day each week that will progressively build your skill set, confidence and fitness with a great group of women just like you who love to ride, be outdoors and be safely challenged to grow in this sport.

Explore new skills and  safe practise to move to the next level each week. Groups are limited to 5 riders for safe practises and optimal coaching experiences.

  • Limited Space 5 students/coach
  • 4 wk Investment – $149.00 + tax
    8 wk commitments will need to register for individual 4 week sessions
  • Varied Trails of the Okanagan
Learn More –Beginner – Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm

April 6-27th SOLD OUT

May 4-25th  SOLD OUT

June 8-29th– JOIN TODAY

Learn More – Intermediate – Wednesday 5:30-7:30pm

May 4-25th SOLD OUT

June 8-29th–2 spots remaining

Learn More –Intermediate Masters 35+ – Wednesday 9:30-11:30am

June 8-24th SOLD OUT

Join Community Chicks In The Sticks  Group Rides-


We are back for 2022 season. We need your help in leading Wednesday night group rides.

Thank you to all of you who have reached out with gratitude in having a posse to ride with that was created in this community. We are honoured that in some way we have influenced your journey on trail. 

If you are a strong rider who would like to join our leadership community to assist in taking out riders on any safe, level appropriate and guided trail of your choice and give back to this community we would love to hear from you. Let’s have a conversation! Contact Us to start out the season as early as we can.

This program was designed specifically to foster women’s friendships, fitness and fresh air experiences on trail . This year, through your feedback, we have truly realized what a success this community has had in meeting those founding objectives. 

Chicks Community Wednesday weekly group rides are open to all women riders. To join any ride please have your bike in good working order, read the posts on level appropriateness and  the fundamental skills for a safe ride in choosing your level. Discover new trails, be supported by, and make new friends where no one is left behind. A gentle reminder, riders require a mtbco trail membership

We want your first experience with Chicks to be exceptional. New to chicks community rides–Lets connect to ensure we are a good fit for you.

  • Your bike must be in top working order. A yearly bike maintenance ensures your safety and a smooth group ride experience. Our community partners Fresh Air Experience/Concept offer our chicks in the sticks community a discount.
  • While we realize early in the season you may not have ideal fitness, recognize that we are in the Okanagan and trail riding goes up before it comes down. We are counting on you to be working on your fitness throughout the week and not relying on one group ride to advance your skill and progress. Respect the community and be on your bike twice weekly in some capacity outside our Chicks community experience.
  • FOLLOW US for weekly destination updates posted Monday each week
  • Lights in early and late season are a necessity.
  • This group in non-competitive. Respect the range of experience and fitness by supporting others who may not be up to your level by lapping back, waiting at DH intersections and offering encouragement to those whose shoes you once filled back in the day.
  • Respect group departure time. Rides will depart from trailhead 6:30pm. Rides will be 60-90 minutes in length.
  • Learn to fix a flat. Coaches will not be responsible for your bike repair. Register in one of our ongoing clinics for your safety and confidence to take care of yourself on the trails.
  • Respect the trails and the community who cares for them. When on trail, going off path to avoid obstacles breaks down barriers and increases trail erosion. If you cannot ride the trail line, walk it. If you are walking too often you are not on the right trail or need to work on skill and fitness. Join our skills camp and buddy up with others through the week to increase your fitness.

    All riders joining in on group rides are expected to support the trails with a mtbco membership. This nominal yearly fee ensures our trails are in top shape all season long. Share the membership with everyone you ride with so that mtbco has the funds to enhance the trail network that we all find joy in riding. Widget for membership to