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Getting Fit with Team Fitness Personal Training & Lifestyle Education. These common questions come up when clients are working in our training studio.


Why can't I workout on the equipment by myself?

Because we are a Personal Training Co. the studio equipment is reserved by appointment only for our Private Training services and tenants who work in the Landmark Centre.

Can I warm-up on the cardio equipment before my Private Training session?

Yes, that is what our cardio equipment is for. Your trainer will instruct you with how long and how hard they would like you to exercise for either before or after your Private Training session.

Why are your fees more than most fitness clubs?

You’re right – our clients make more of an investment in their health and fitness program when they train with us. That’s because we are not a fitness club. Because we are a training studio, we provide our clients with services and attention so that they maximize their workouts and get results more quickly. We take care of our clients beyond the workout to ensure that their lifestyle is congruent with personal goals, not just the exercise plan. We also staff only the best trainers in the area – some with degrees in exercise physiology, some are international health and fitness speakers, writers…all of our trainers are nationally certified by the best certifying bodies in the nation and all attend regular continuing education events. Our clients recognize that this type of service and calibre of training is what is going to get them the results that they exercise for in the first place.

I am on a limited budget. Do I have to see a trainer full time to work with Team Fitness?

We’re excited that you want to work with a personal trainer at Team genericclomid Fitness.  We encourage everyone to have a coach in any capacity.  We will help you use your budget effectively and ensure that you experience the value in working with our Team.  And remember, your first visit is on us.  Let us show you how we may work together on any budget.

Can you design a program I can do at home or in my community fitness centre?

We can provide you with a program launch that will be safe, effective and tailored to your goals, that can be done in home or easily executed at your local fitness centre.  If you are looking for a gym close to our location; Global Fitness is only a few blocks away.  They are a Fitness Club and will be able to provide you with a membership. Talk to Gary Tebbutt – he’s the owner and he’ll be able to set you up on a membership package.

Are there a minimum number of sessions that I have to buy to work with a Team Fitness Trainer?

First time clients are encouraged to take a 5 pack of training.  This allows you and your fitness trainer  time to develop and internalize the best possible start to a new program.  Follow-up and future changes in programs can be done on individual appointments.

How do I pay for my training sessions?

Team Fitness accepts all major credit cards, debit, cash or cheque.  Training fees are paid in packages or by the session the day training commences.  For information on our prices and packages please call the office for further information.

Do you offer Group Classes?

Yes, we do. We offer a variety of group programs seasonally.  Programs change with the season.  These programs are lead by Personal trainers or specialists.  Click here for more information on these programs.

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