Questionnaires & Worksheets

These forms and questionnaires allow Team Fitness a way to understand your personal goals, readiness and motivation, to embark on and carry out your fitness objectives. These forms are in Word and PDF formats.

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Client Information

Complete this comprehensive questionnaire to provide us with the information we need to design a personalized program that is perfect for you. Please share as much information as you are comfortable. The more we know about you the more effective we are at assisting you. You may complete this in word format and return as an attachment by email or fax 250.762.4967. Or download the pdf file, complete and return to your Personal Trainer or training office at least 2 days prior to your first scheduled session.
If you have any questions, please call the studio. @ 250-762-4957


Complete this questionnaire to determine how ready you are to embark on the many lifestyle changes required for you to achieve your goals.


Download and print this Nutrition Log for 7 days to provide your trainer with more knowledge of what you are consuming, the amount of calories you are taking in, food combinations and many other elements that are important to meet your nutritional goals.


This worksheet will allow you to determine what is most important to you in your life. From these values you can set goals. Be sure the goals you set are congruent with what you say you value. Then let your behavior and choices honor those goals set.


This worksheet will allow you to determine your motivators, challenges to goals and solutions to your challenges in a clear concise table to keep you focused and on task to great lifestyle achievements.


This worksheet will allow you to clearly define specific lifestyle goals that will give you purpose and direction to getting to where you want to go.