Personal Training

Depending on the client and their goals, personal training can be so many different things. That’s why it is personal! At Team Fitness Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching, clients train with their personal trainer  as little as once a month or as much a 3 or 4x a week.

Personal Training Programs

The choice is yours. We offer a variety of personal training options. Whether you want to work with a trainer once in a while, have your trainer set up your custom lifestyle and activity plan and come back for regular checkups, or you want to work with your trainer a few days a week all year, TEAM Fitness Personal Training & Lifestyle Coaching allows you the flexibility to choose a personal training program that works with your lifestyle goals and budget.

We will tailor your frequency plan to accommodate your time, level of fitness, activity, interests and lifestyle goals while staying within your financial budget. Click here for your complimentary session and lets get started.

  • Private Personal Training 1:1
  • Tandem Personal Training 1:2
  • T.E.A.M. Training 1:3-5 (Join an on going group or create on of your own)
  • Seasonal Group Training Programs 1:20 (See our events and programs for ongoing Group Sessions)
  • Injury Prehabilitation 1:1 (Registered Kinesiologist’s)
  • Home or Community Gym – Program Launch 1:1
  • Sports Specific Training 1:1 or bring your team to our team Sport Fit
  • Lifestyle/Nutrition Coaching 1:1 / small group
  • Lifestyle Coaching/Therapeutic Coaching 1:1 (Registered Clinical Counselor)

Group Training

Experience one of our small group programs to discover your untapped potential. The ‘power’ of a group inspires and helps you to get and/or stay motivated.  Be challenged by your TEAM comrades and held accountable by committing to a series of sessions. Learn more about group training

Seasonal Group Programs

Join us for an action packed hour of strength, endurance, cardio, agility, balance and flexibility in preparation for the upcoming season. Just learning about a program that has already started? Not a problem, email us and we will pro-rate your registration fee!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often to train with a trainer?

At the very least, we encourage our clients to see their trainer once every 6 weeks. This allows for continued progression and results. A regular check-in with your TEAM Fitness trainer keeps your training fresh, efficient, and ‘you’ motivated. Without this, you may find yourself bored with your workout, ineffective in your plan and, frustrated if you know longer feel or notice results. Working regularly with your team fitness trainer is key in achieving your goals and improving your performance. Mix it up! work private, tandem or in small group and on your own. We can work with any budget and objective to inspire you to stay motivated and reach your goals. Click here for a complimentary first time session

What can I expect in a training session?

Any component of health and fitness, including: cardiovascular conditioning, muscular conditioning, flexibility, nutrition and fat loss can be your focus. Or, work with us on one specific challenge. You can train inside the studio to learn a program for home or outdoors. We individualize your session so that your experience is exactly what you are looking for. Whether zolpidemsleep your goal is to run your first 5k, tone and sculpt for that bridal gown, get ready for the west coast trail, or simply to get in better health to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and keep up with your grand babies, we want you to thrive in your workouts …not just survive!

What separates Team Fitness from other gyms ?

Team Fitness Personal Training is The Okanagan’s first personal training company!
We are experienced, educated and love what we do!

One-on-one training at Team Fitness means you have our undivided attention. Training is varied, fun and offers new challenges from countless exercises. No two workouts are the same. We have helped hundreds of clients over the past twenty years!

Beginners, elderly, those recovering from sport injuries or car accidents, baby boomers wanting fitness for retirement, weekend warriors, moms to be, moms of three, runners, competitive athletes, weight loss big and small, diabetics, cancer recovery and many other special considerations. We are confident that regardless of your goal, lifestyle or special considerations, we will have you reaching new heights in your wellness journey.

Read More Here about our company heritage and philosophy | Read client ‘buzz’ here

What if I'm new to fitness or getting back at it?

At Team Fitness, we believe everyone can benefit from having a personal coach to oversee your fitness journey and prepare a personal fitness program; however, the benefits are the greatest when you are just starting out. It’s not what you do, but how you do it that gets you moving in the right direction, safely and effectively so that physical activity and fitness gradually become a way of life and not something you feel you must endure.

Having your progress monitored and being accountable to a TEAM Fitness trainer will get you the results you want. We are not here to stand by and count your reps. Expect us to be fully engaged in your session educating you on your lifestyle interests. supporting your challenges, encouraging your progress and of course directing your movement. Along the way we hope you’ll have some fun!

We can develop your activity plan, monitor your nutrition and give you the tools to stay on track, in home, a community setting or a one on one weekly or monthly session. You decide how best to fit us in according to your goals, lifestyle and budget. Then we get to work!

TRY before you buy. Click here for a complimentary session and see if we are the right ‘fit’ for you!

Looking to take your fitness and health to another level?

Our team will help you experience a diverse, effective and time efficient plan that will see you turn new results. Whether its health, fitness, recreational sport or performance, we are continually seeking new and challenging training techniques to add to our repertoire in order to ensure our programs remain forward thinking, innovative and effective.

We aim to be the best at what we do then, share that philosophy so that you can also be the best at what you do!

Try us on for size to see if we’re a good fit! Your first visit is always on us. You are sure to have a great fitness experience that will see you excel from your present plateau or spring you out of an unmotivated slump.

Have an idea? Bring it to us and if we create the program your first series is free!
Encourage three friends to join any of our programs and receive 50% off that series for yourself!